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- Sockets for Test & Burn-in of wafers and IC packages


- Sockets for Test & Burn-in of LCD modules

:Memory Module

- Sockets for Test & Burn-in of SIMM and DIMM modules

:Card Edge

- Card edge sockets for PCB, etc.

:Custom Made

- Custom-made solutions for your specific testing requirements



-IC26 Series, IC30 Series, IC140 Series


-IC26 Series, IC30 Series, IC140 Series


-IC38 Series, IC83 Series, IC310 Series


-IC160 Series


-IC149 Series


-IC179 Series


-IC306 Series, IC307 Series


Card Connectors, Board Connectors, High-Speed FPC Connectors, Interfacer Connectors

Flatcable Connectors, Wirepress Connectors, Coaxial Connectors



Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) assembled with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) as Dielectric Substrate
Excellent characters for loss properties in high frequency(HF) area and dimension stabilities realize accurate characteristic impedance matching for FPC.

●Gbps signal transmission
LCP as dielectric substrate, which has flat properties in low dielectric constant and low dissipation factors for broad frequency range, results low loss in signal transmission and extreme dimension stability in HF area. YFLEX realize Gbps signal transmission for FPC application.

●Low EMI
Accurate characteristic impedance matching based upon fine pattern etching technology and extreme dimension stabilities realize low EMI properties.

●Bump Build Up Process
Bump build up process, laminate with conductive bumps for via connection, doesn't need drilling and metal plating process. YFLEX realize accurate characteristic impedance matching with lower cost.

●Halogen Free Material
Assembled with halogen free material.

●Example for Application
Extreme in flexibility, bend formation or electronic device solder mounting are available. Differential HF signal transmission cables for LVDS, PCI Express or others are already applied.


HF Signal Transmission Cable

- FPC cable for Gbps signal transmission with low EMI properties realized by correct and accurate characteristic impedance matching.

Device Mounting Board

- 《Feature》
Bendable board for device mounting
Camera module board, DMD engine board, LED substrate, Multi contact connectors mounting board

Multi Layer Circuit Board

- 《Feature》
Available in characteristic impedance matching property with LCP as dielectric substrate






































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